Herb of the Year™

In 1991, the International Herb Association established National Herb Week to be celebrated every year during the week prior to Mothers Day. The purpose of National Herb Week is to develop and coordinate national attention on herbs, herbal uses, herb businesses, and the IHA.

Every year since 1995, the International Herb Association has chosen an Herb of the Year™ to highlight. The Herb of the Year™ Program, spearheaded by IHA’s Horticulture Committee, has established Herb of the Year™ selections up to 2025. All IHA members are invited to participate in the selection process. Long-standing member, Chuck Voigt, who has been involved in the selection process for many years explains, The Horticultural Committee evaluates possible choices based on them being outstanding in at least two of the three major categories: medicinal, culinary, or decorative. Herb societies, groups, and organizations, from around the world, work together to educate the public about these important herbs throughout the year. The IHA publishes a book each year to celebrate that year’s selected herb. IHA members and friends contribute material ranging from growing instructions to botanical information to recipes. Members receive a single copy as part of their membership. Copies are available for purchase by members, businesses, and the general public.

Celebrate the use of herbs and all things herbal!

Millions of individuals throughout the world use herbs in their day-to-day life. Members of the International Herb Association (IHA) are proud to support these individuals by providing quality products and services including information and education surrounding the use of herbs.

Herb of the Year™ Selections:
1995 Fennel
1996 Monarda
1997 Thyme
1998 Mint
1999 Lavender
2000 Rosemary
2001 Sage
2002 Echinacea
2003 Basil
2004 Garlic
2005 Oregano & Marjoram
2006 Scented Geraniums
2007 Lemon Balm
2008 Calendula
2009 Bay Laurel
2010 Dill
2011 Horseradish
2012 Rose
2013 Elderberry
2014 Artemisia ssp.
(Wormwood, Tarragon, et al.)
2015 Savory Saturea ssp.
2016 Peppers Capsicum ssp
2017 Coriander/Cilantro
Coriandrum sativum
2018 Hops Humulus ssp
2019 Anise-Hyssop Agastache ssp.

Rubus spp.
(Blackberries, Raspberries, et al.)

2021 Parsley Petroselinum
2022 Viola Violet, Pansey, Heartsease, et, al.
2023 Ginger Zingiber
2024 Yarrow Achillea
2025 Camomile Matricaria